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Featured Boxoffice Magazine review 11/19/05
Star Wait is this weeks featured review on (They gave us 3 stars!)

Star Wait on LTN 11/1/05Director Michael Rotman was interviewed on "Rough Cut LA" See the complete interview:

Listen! 11/1/05
Director Michael Rotman 15 minute interview on Box Office Magazine Pod Cast

DVD Release Party!! 11/1/05
Come join the Producers of Star Wait and others for the official DVD release paty at: Blast From the Past - 931 Hollywood Way Burbank, California from 7-9pm. There will be a special DVD price, DVD signing from the director and producers and more!

Update 4/9/05 newsletter/fan club added. Join to find out all the latest info!

The Star Wait website has gone through a revamp.

Tooting our own horn
Star Wait Episode I: "The Line" is currently the #1 comedy, the #1 drama and the #1 sci-fi film on

In the news
Star Wait was featured and its producers interviewed on CNN, KNBC-LA, Fox 11- LA, KCAL-9, The Chat Room- Canada, The Mark and Brian show and tons of other radio and newspapers. Members of the media can contact us here.

Poll results
A close battle but with 43% of the votes the manly Grimlock and Peter beat out the good looking duo of Art and Lucia (34%) for best Star Wait couple. Congrats to the lovely pair!

Big news
On May 5, 2002 George Lucas called Star Wait cast member and Star Wars line member Josh on the line's pay phone. See the call on Access Hollywood, Monday, May 6.

Poll results
In a blow out, Queen Amidala was found hotter than Princess Leia 75% to 25%. Be sure to scroll down and vote in the latest Star Wait poll.

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DVD includes: Special commentary from The Original members of MST3K, Freaks and Geeks, Amy Allen, Paul F. Tomkins and many, many more!


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