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Boxoffice Magazine: "A hilarious hybrid of documentary and reality."

Mark Keizer

*** (Audio: B-, Video: B, Features: B)
A hilarious blend of documentary and reality program, Michael Rotman's "Star Wait", represents sci-fi heaven for some, the end of civilization for others. The latter group will learn that for six weeks in 2002, there for the nuking, the world's most unrepentant nerds gathered outside Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood to await the release of "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones." The former group will be introduced to kindred spirits, many of whom emerge as lovable outcasts who have found something to believe in. Either way, the film is an entertaining slice of "Star Wars" minutiae, as those who live on the pop culture fringes make a case for the enervating power of passionate conviction. By the end, the viewer almost wishes they believed in something, anything, as strongly.

The most interesting character is a guy named Grimlock, whose personality you can pretty much figure out by his desire to be called Grimlock. The funniest character is Corey, a writer from Connecticut, "a rockin' state that's kinda small but we like it anyway." In one of the film's highlights, some punk rockers heckle the group and line member Art, whose macho presence and beefy handsomeness suggests he's standing in the wrong line, commits the un-geeky, yet satisfying act of punching one in the face.

"Star Wait" is about the people and their experience while in line. Rotman does not look down on the line members, nor does he particularly care why they love "Star Wars." While at first this may seem anathema to the basic tenets of non-fiction moviemaking, the result makes the film a more universal document on the power of groupthink, and the desire to accomplish something outside normal hedonistic desires. Eventually, their efforts are rewarded when "Star Wars" creator George Lucas calls a nearby payphone. While it would have been nice to hear Lucas' side of the conversation, presumably legal issues made it impossible.

As a documentary, no one is going to confuse "Star Wait" with "Shoah" or "Hearts and Minds." But it fully and satisfactorily explores the thin slice of thematic turf it's claming, and manages a handful of solid laughs in the process. "Star Wars" fans, even those who prefer not to sleep on Hollywood Blvd and shower only occasionally, may find themselves hoping for a new "Star Wars" film, so they can experience the fun of standing in line, too.

The fullframe presentation is better than expected, as a solid transfer provides a smooth picture with fully saturated colors and inky blacks. I saw no edge halos or pixilation. The audio is, like all documentaries, at the mercy of the source recordings. But considering the low-tech, on-the-fly feel of the audio, its quality is quite nice, with clear dialogue and street noise only occasionally getting in the way. Rotman, who is an Emmy nominated writer, managed to assemble a star-studded coterie of celebrities to provide multiple audio commentaries, each one commenting during a different chapter. Most notable is the reunion of the original cast of "Mystery Science Theater 3000", including Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu and Josh Weinstein. There are also audio commentaries by "Simpsons" producer Dana Gould, "Freaks and Geeks" star Samm Levine, Amy Allen, who played the blue-skinned Aayla Secura in "Episodes II and III" and various line members. Complete review

Collector Rating: WORTH FULL PRICE

Film Threat: "It's actually more entertaining than the film they’re all waiting to see."

Eric Campos, 3 1/2 of 4 stars

It’s three years later and it’s time once again for a bunch of Star Wars die-hards to line-up on Hollywood Boulevard for six weeks, just to have George Lucas kick them in the ass. I know, Attack of the Clones wasn’t all that bad, and it was certainly much better than The Phantom Menace, but if you wait in line six weeks for something and that something ends up being Attack of the Clones, then that’s a kick in the ass.

“Star Wait” spends its ENTIRE focus on the line, creating something like a reality TV show, cut up into nine episodes to be broadcast on the web. We get close and personal with several members of this line as issues of hecklers, unwanted Christian rock bands playing into the wee-hours of the night, nerd lovin’, bad pay phone etiquette, trying to remain spoiler-free, potty time, and frayed nerves are dealt with.
Right now, let’s meet some of the line members:

Grimlock - This is one of the types of guys you come to expect to see standing in a six-week Star Wars line. He’s a big teddy bear type of guy, who rarely takes anything seriously (except for Star Wars, of course), has a sense of humor that revolves around movie trivia and makes an embarrassing ass out of himself in front of the ladies. Oh yeah, he’s named after a Transformer, too.
Art – The muscle of the line. Art’s an anomaly in that he has a hot girlfriend and is able to defend himself against anyone that gives him shit. During one episode, a group of punks (punk asses really) make the mistake of harassing the line and find themselves incurring the wrath of Art.
Josh – The line’s resident punk rocker. Bearing a Mohawk, tattoos and various band t-shirts, Josh’s fashion sense inspires wariness in others rather than mocking laughter, unlike many of the other members of the line.
These are only a few of the many colorful members you’ll meet in “Star Wait.” It’s actually more entertaining than the film they’re all waiting to see. Complete review




Bach Solo's Blog- Star Wait, Well Worth It.

Anthony Baccelliere

November 1, 2005 as we all know saw the release of STAR WARS, EPISODE III : REVENGE OF THE SITH dvd, to many of our local stores. But, also on that date, in only one of our local stores, it saw the release of STAR WAIT. And that one store was Target. This dvd release was not treated to the same fanfare as the former, but it certainly did deliver.

This film is a documentary, following the lives of the faithfull fans...the filmakers did an excellent job. Watching this film, I felt like I was getting to know these people, and these people were very cool. I also felt like somehow, in some small way I experienced what they experienced. And most importantly I wished I was there with them.Before seeing this film, I had always wondered what made these people stay out there for weeks at a time. I also really wondered why they would even stay out there when it was announced that Episode III was not even going to be playing at the Chinese Theatre. But having seen this film, I now relalized, it's not really the movie that makes them line up, it's the line that makes them line up. And now I completely understand why they lined up for Episode III, and wished I had been there with them.

I could go on about the cool people it featured, Alyse, Remi, Art, Josh, Rusty, Peter, and everybody's favorite Grimlock. They are just cool people and wished I could have gotten to know them better.

Again, I can't say enough good things about this film. Any Star Wars fan should check it out. Read the complete review at Bach Solo's Blog.

Victoria- Myspace: "Funny and exciting" (left at Star Wait Myspace page)

When I saw the Star Wait dvd on the rack at Target I was like HOLY SHIT IM SOO BUYING IT!!!!! and i absolutley loved it. I must say that Grimlock was extremly funny.....the whole film was funny and exciting. Something that I wish i could of participated in.

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DVD includes: Special commentary from The Original members of MST3K, Freaks and Geeks, Amy Allen, Paul F. Tomkins and many, many more!


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